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Building and Sign Lighting

Commercial Outdoor Sign Lighting 

Illuminate your sign or building at night with our commercial solar lights for signs. These lights are completely solar powered, making them environmentally friendly and maintenance-free! Add security, increase your marketing and visibility without adding to your business costs. These lights are perfect for remote locations with no direct power supply, keeping your advertisement or business sign in the spotlight. Scroll down to keep reading about the selection of commercial outdoor sign lighting offered here.  

Commercial Solar Lights for Signs and Buildings  

Here at Commercial Solar Products, we offer a great selection of commercial-grade solar lights to help you illuminate your sign, building, street, or alleyway with 100% solar power! Our selection of lights includes:  

  • 25-Watt Solar Street Light - Our 25-watt solar street light is perfect for lighting up large areas like fields, parking lots, and city streets. This light features motion-detection up to 30’ and 72 LED bulbs powered by a 24-watt solar panel and a 3.7V lithium-ion battery. This light is easy-to-install and ideal for all weather conditions. Mounting bolts are included with the 25-Watt Solar Street Light 
  • Commercial Solar Billboard Light  Fully adjustable, featuring a colossal 15-watt solar panel, this light is an excellent way to promote your businesses after the sun goes down. This light features eight ultra-bright LEDs per lighting unit, illuminating 560 lux combinedWe recommend using this light on billboards, awnings, ledges, and other hard-to-reach outdoor areas where continuous power sources are scarce.  
  • Commercial Solar Sign Light - Offering 17 ultra-bright LEDs at 300 lux, this bright solar spot light grabs the attention of passersby to ensure your message gets seen, no matter the time of day—or night! This light is powered by 5.5V, 6-watt solar panel charged with a 3.7V 8000mAh Lithium-Ion battery that allows light to dissipate up to 36 of area coverage. This solar sign light also features a 24” flexible arm that allows you to adjust your light to the right angle, and four great lighting options to customize to your needs.  

At Commercial Solar Products, we provide the best quality and selection of solar lighting for your business or home. We also take pride in our quality customer service and offer fast shipping on all in-stock products. Have a question or need help ordering something? Our customer service representatives are waiting to assist you. Contact us today!