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25 Watt Solar Street Light

  • $765.99

Get out of costly monthly utility bills and opt instead for commercial solar lighting for parking lots, private roads, city blocks, fields, and other large areas in need of light. 

  • Outdoor use 
  • Measures 3’7”x 9” 
  • Powerful motion sensor up to 30’ 
  • 72 LED bulbs, 24-watt solar panel, 3.7V lithium-ion battery 
  • Holds solar charge up to three days 
  • Easy installation- no electrician needed 
  • All parts included to fit a pole of up to 3” in diameter 

To learn more about our 25-watt solar street light, visit the Full Description tab on this page. Don’t miss our full line of Motion-activated Solar Street Lights! 

    About the 25-Watt Solar Street Light from Commercial Solar Products 

    The 25-watt solar street light is perfect for lighting up large areas like fields, parking lots, and city streets. This solar street light features motion-detection up to 30’Unlike most of our competitors’ lights, ours increases the light output when motion is detected. When motion is detected within 30’the lamp will increase its output to ultra-bright outputmaking it a great addition to increase your property’s security and your peace-of-mind.  

    This solar street light features 72 LED bulbs powered by a 24-watt solar panel and a 3.7V lithium-ion battery. It charges in 9 to 10 hours of optimum sunlight, allowing it to hold a charge for up to 3 daysThis light comes on at dawn and will continue through into the night. The 25-Watt Solar Street Light is perfect for parks, entrance lighting and parking lots, and works well in all weather conditions. The recommend installation height for this solar light is 12-18 feet; when installing multiple lights, leave 15-30 feet of space between each light. Mounting bolts are included with the 25-Watt Solar Street Light 

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