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Commercial Solar Billboard Light II

Commercial Solar Billboard Light II

  • $379.00

The Commercial Solar Billboard light attracts attention to your business during the day and night without your standard power supply.  Solar Billboards lights illuminate your signs in hard to reach places where power sources are often inaccessible.

  • Recommended for use on billboards, awnings, ledges
  • Includes solar panel, 2 light fixtures, stand, 2 extension arms and bracket
  • Light features four time control settings to maximize lighting
  • Dusk/dawn-Light setting will come on when the sun goes down; shuts off when the sun comes out
  • Each light houses 8 x 0.5W Super Bright LEDS
  • Features 3.7V 12 AH Lithium battery
  • Waterproof

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The Commercial Solar Billboard Light is an excellent way to promote your businesses II offers 8 Ultra-Bright LED'S per lighting unit, illuminating 560 lux combined. This brilliantly designed light features (2) 24” fixed arms, with adjustable light fixtures. A colossal 15-watt solar panel, powered by a 14,000 mAh Lithium-Ion battery, dissipates light for up to 36” of area coverage. These energy efficient solar lights recharge in 6-8 hours of direct sunlight after the initial charge. Four lighting options allow you to illuminate your sign with the right amount of light at the right time. Press once and the mode indicator will turn red/green/blue indicating light will stay on all night or until battery is flat. Press twice and the mode indicator turns green and light will stay on for four hours and the automatically turn itself off. Three presses and the indicator light turns blue signaling the light will stay on for six hours. Press four times and the light will turn red indicating the light will stay on for six hours, shut off and turn on for two additional hours in the morning if the sun is not shining. Press indicator light five times to shut the light off.

Shop Carrot-Top’s commercial solar lighting products for more lighting option to promote your business and increase safety. Our motion activated solar lights and high end commercial lights are some of the best lighting options available. For more information contact any of our Customer Care Professionals at (888) 359-6935.

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