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Solar Flagpole Lighting

About Our Commercial-Grade Solar Flagpole Lights  

Proudly display your flag at night with one of our commercial grade solar flag lightsLighting up your U.S. flag at night in accordance with the official U.S. flag code is easy with any one of these high-quality flag lights 

These solar lights require no electricity, making them environmentally friendly and maintenance-free. Our solar flag lights are easily installed, and little upkeep is necessary. Just install your light and let the natural energy of the sun do the rest!  

Shop our selection of commercial grade solar flagpole lights below or scroll all the way down to learn more about the selection of products offered here. When you’re ready to place your order, we offer fast order fulfillment and shipping from our onsite warehouse. Need help placing your order? Give us a call at 1-888-359-6935. Our helpful and knowledgeable team of experts can answer any question you might have.  

Solar Flag Light for Any Flagpole! 

Here at Commercial Solar Products, we are experts in both flagpoles and flagpole lighting. We understand that each flagpole is different, and we specialize in providing the right solar flag light for your flagpole—whether it’s commercial, architectural-grade, or simply for residential use.  

Our selection of commercial flag lights run on 100% solar power, requiring no electricity, and saving you money over time. Each solar flagpole light is easily installed, and little upkeep is necessary—freeing up your time for other important priorities.  

Among some of the best-selling commercial grade solar flagpole lights offered here are the Commander Extreme solar flag light, a light featuring 6 LED lights, 5 solar panels and adjustable 360 degree lighting; the Bullhorn CREE solar flag lightwhich is recommended for use with 15’-40’ foot poles; the High-End Commercial solar flag light, featuring versatile mounting options, and the Commodore Commercial solar flag light, a “light commercial strength” flag light fitting poles that are 2” – 6” in diameter.  

Flag Lighting and the U.S. Flag Code  

According to the U.S. Flag code, American flags should be displayed from sunrise to sunset. Flags should be lowered and properly stored from dusk until dawnHowever, there is an exception to this rule: You can keep your flag flying 24-hours as long as it is properly illuminated after dark.  

Our selection of commercial grade solar flagpole lights will help you stay compliant with the official flag code, no matter the time of day—or night!  

Need Help? Contact Us 

At Commercial Solar Products, we provide the best quality and selection of commercial-grade solar lighting for your business or home. We also take pride in our quality customer service. Have a question or need help ordering one of our products? Give us a call at 1-888-359-6935 Our customer service representatives are waiting to assist you 

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