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Commander Extreme Solar Flagpole Light

  • $399.00

Our Commander Extreme Solar Flagpole Light offers extreme illumination to your flag! Ideal for commercial sites, lots, schools, parks and unlit or dimly lit areas, the high-powered solar lights on this 6-LED setup provide strong, reliable, bright lighting to accommodate even the tallest flagpole on the market!  

  • Features 6 LED lights 
  • Features 5 solar panels  
  • Mounting hardware included 
  • Includes extension tubes for lighting angle 
  • Fully adjustable lighting to 360 degrees 
  • Easy installation  

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The Commander Extreme Solar Flagpole Light is a great lighting option for those with extreme lighting needs! You can install these high-powered solar lights in a variety of locations—from flagpoles to decks, to the side of your building. This lighting system is fully adjustable—adjust from a highly focused area to 360 degree lighting to suit your specific needs.  

Featuring six LED lights rated at 840 LUX combined, six 5V solar panels rated at 420 each, and 18- 2000mAh batteries, this solar flagpole light will provide bright, continuous lighting to your location.   

Installing the Commander Extreme Solar Flagpole Light  

This lighting system comes with all necessary hardware to fit 2-4” diameter flagpoles.  Mount your Commander Extreme Solar Flagpole Light to a flag pole, street pole, or on a deck/wall mount to achieve the best lighting angle for your needs.  

To further achieve the perfect lighting angle, use the included extension tubes, effective accessories that give you the option of mounting the lighting further from the flagpole to project and concentrate the illumination. For easy and secure installation on larger-diameter flag poles, you may also need to purchase the Pole Light Mount Connectoran accessory that allows you to use the Commander Extreme Solar Flagpole Light on poles up to 10” in diameter.   

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