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Entry Level Commercial Solar Flagpole Light

  • $74.99

The Entry Level Commercial Solar Flagpole Light provides a bright and continuous light for your flag display at a great value. 


  • Easy installation; no wiring required 
  • Features LED Solar Powered lights  
  • Includes 4 ultra-bright, 10 mm light bulbs   
  • Includes a high capacity 1.2V battery for longer, stronger and brighter beams of light 
  • Includes light body, a solar panel, a Y- frame, adjustable clamps and batteries 
  • Illuminates from distances up to 25 feet 
  • Fits poles with a diameter of 2” – 6” 


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Commercial Solar Uplight at a Great Value! 

The entire catalog of commercial solar uplights from Commercial Solar Products features high-quality craftsmanship at a great value. Our Entry Level Commercial Solar Flagpole Light is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses, residences, and public spaces looking to provide a strong and consistent beam of light for hours.  

The Entry Level Commercial Solar Flagpole Light features a 5-volt 420mA solar panel and 4 super-bright, white LEDs.  This energy saving light includes 3 rechargeable 1.2V AA 200mAh batteries which may be recharged 600-800 times. This solar flagpole light has a die-cast aluminum Y frame along with a stainless steel mount and straps that resist wear from outdoor elements, making it ideal for mounting to any type of outdoor pole in any climate. The official flag code-compliant design has a built-in light guard to reflect the light from shining directlonto the flag.  This commercial solar uplight also has an adjustable 4”-6” clamp that allows you to control the cast of lighting to your flag. This commercial-quality solar light requires no wiring and is easily assembled.  

At Commercial Solar Products, we provide the best quality and selection of solar lighting for your business or home. We also take pride in our quality customer service. Have a question about one of our products? Need help ordering your Entry Level Commercial Solar Flagpole Light? Our customer service team is here to assist you. Contact us 


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