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Halo Solar Flagpole Light

  • $97.99

Our Halo Solar Flagpole Light offers the brightest illumination currently available for most flagpoles!  This amazing double-row solar flagpole light comes with 32 Ultra Bright LED light bulbs for impressive and eye-catching illumination to your flag 

  • Outdoor use 
  • Features self-charging solar panels (no wiring required) 
  • Double-row lighting  
  • First LED row shines directly on flag  
  • Second LED row lights at 45 degree angle 
  • Designed for use with flagpoles up to 45’ 

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For bright and impressive flag illumination, look no further than the Halo Solar Flagpole Light! This incredible double-row solar flagpole light will ensure your display is noticed. The inner row of LED bulbs on this light shine straight down to illuminate your flag at all times, and the outer row is cleverly designed to shine at a 45-degree angle to light your flags edges as they move about in the breeze.  

Designed for use with flagpoles up to 45’, the Halo Solar Flagpole Light is sure to meet the needs of residential and commercial displays alike. With self-charging solar panels and no wiring required, installation of this light will be next to effortless. Please Note: Full daylight charging for a minimum of 3 days, in the OFF position, will be required before the first use. Charging and Installation instructions are included, however if you need help or have questions, you can always contact our experts 

Our Halo Solar Flagpole Light is unique—the only kind of its type currently on the market.  Your display will surely stand out with this great solar lighting option.  

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