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High End Commercial Solar LED Flagpole Light

  • $408.99

Our High-End Commercial LED Solar Flagpole Light is a great choice for anyone seeking a high-capacity, ultra-bright solar flagpole uplight. This flag light works with any type of flagpole—from commercial-grade to architectural.  

  • Outdoor use 
  • Features six-volt, 15-watt solar panel 
  • High-capacity 3.7 volt 12,000 mAh battery 
  • 12 ultra-bright 10 mm LED light bulbs  
  • Easy Installation  

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A Commercial-Grade Solar Flagpole Uplight 

Commercial Solar Products is the online destination for those seeking high-capacity, top-quality solar flagpole lights. Our High-End Commercial LED Solar Flagpole Light is ideal for use with commercial-grade outdoor flagpoles. Featuring a powerful six-volt 15-watt solar panel with a high-capacity 3.7 Volt 12,000 mAh battery, this solar flagpole uplight is made to shine bright and last through the seasons! 

This Solar LED Flagpole Light features 12 ultra-bright 10mm LED light bulbs, affording a powerful 420 LUX of adjustable light and will last up to 12 hours on a full charge. The High End Commercial Solar LED Flagpole Light comes with several mounting options. Mount it on any flat surface, mount it in-ground with stakeor mount it to your pole with stainless steel bands that can adjust to fit a 6” diameter pole. This solar flagpole uplight includes a 10-foot power supply cord that connects the solar light with the solar panel. Before initial use, charge the light in direct sunlight for three days. 

Accessories & Upgrades for the High End Commercial Solar LED Flagpole Ligh 

Any flagpole that’s using solar flagpole uplight—especially commercial sites and businesses— can benefit from a strong and reliable lighting setup.  

  • For extra-strong illumination, we recommend upgrading your High-End Commercial Solar LED Flagpole light by adding a 15-Watt Solar PanelCompact and easy to install, this solar panel is designed to work with High End Commercial Solar LED Flagpole Light and Bullhorn CREE Solar Flagpole Light installations.  
  • The Extension Tube Kit for Solar Lighting is an effective accessory that gives you the option of mounting the lighting further from the flagpole, projecting and concentrating the illumination 
  • Get the most sunlight to your solar panel during daylight hours with our 10’ extension cable for solar lights. This useful accessory allows you to reposition the solar panel further away from your flagpole lighting to make the most of your setup!  

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