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Automatic Solar Powered Outdoor Light

  • $177.99

Keep your property safe and brightly lit after hours with our Automatic Solar Powered Outdoor Light 

  • Features 80 LED lights10,000MaH 3.7V lithium ion phosphate battery 
  • Infrared sensor detects motion from as far as 23-32 feet away 
  • Detects motion in a 140-degree field 
  • Provides lighting in a 140 degree field 
  • Rain proof and rust proof 
  • Measures 14.4” L x 8” W 

Keep reading about this amazing solar powered motion light in the full description on this page. Looking for something else? We offer a full line of commercial quality solar spot lights to illuminate and add extra security to your property. 


    A Commercial-Grade Automatic Solar Powered Outdoor Light  

    Innovations in solar cell technology, LED lighting and batteries have enabled us to bring you amazing commercial-grade solar products like this automatic solar motion spot lightThis motion-activated solar light is perfect for constant outdoor use, and provides brilliant lighting for your garage, patio, pool, driveway or the entrance to your business or property. Its small size makes it unobtrusive enough to fit with any landscaping style, and it offers the option of dim lighting that switches to bright mode when motion is detected. 

    How the Automatic Solar Powered Outdoor Light Works  

    This light is powered by 80 solar LED lights and a 10,000MaH 3.V lithium ion phosphate battery. At night, when the light is activated, it stays on in dim mode (30%, 2 watts) continuously after dark. A sophisticated infrared sensor can detect motion from as far as 23-32 feet away (in a 140-degree field). When the sensor detects motion, it gets triggered into bright mode (100%, 6 watts) and provides lighting in a 140-degree field 

    When installing multiple of these solar motion spot lights, we recommend placineach unit 6-12 feet high and 32-39 feet apart for best results.  

    Questions? Our trained and experienced representatives would love to help you! Contact us today! 


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