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Bullhorn CREE Solar Flagpole Light

  • $414.99

Our Bullhorn CREE Solar Flagpole Light is the most powerful solar flag light on the market! This adjustable flagpole light reaches up to 100 feet and lights up to 10 hours with no external power.  

  • Outdoor use 
  • Adjustable  
  • Use with 15’- 40’ foot poles 
  • 2 CREE lights reach up to 100 feet 
  • Complete solar unit, no external power needed 
  • Easy installation  

The Bullhorn CREE Solar Flagpole Light ships fast from our onsite warehouse. To make your purchase, simply enter your desired quantity and click the add to cart button. See the full description tab to keep reading more about this amazing adjustable flagpole light 

Our commercial grade Bullhorn CREE Solar Flagpole Light features the latest CREE technology, a powerful 15-watt standalone solar panel measuring 13.5”x 14 1/8”, and a 3.7V 12000mAh battery pack with built in circuit protection. This flagpole light includes:  

  • (2) light fixtures with a 13” flexible goose neck 
  • (2) brackets 
  • (1) arm mount designed to hold the solar panel 
  • (4) bands included up to 6” diameter poles 

A Two-in-One Adjustable Flagpole Light  

The Bullhorn CREE Solar Flagpole Light features two CREE lights that reach up to 100 feet. Both light fixtures offer 75-watts each, for a total of 150-watts giving off 800 lux combined. This light has the ability to adjust from spot light to flood light with the magnifying lens, allowing you to focus the light exactly where you want it.  

This adjustable flagpole light fits poles up to 10” diameter but can be adjusted to fit larger poles with available stainless steel bands.  

Upgrade Your Solar Lighting Setup with a Solar Panel! 

Any flagpole that’s using solar lighting—especially commercial sites and businesses— can benefit from a strong and reliable lighting setup.  

For extra-strong illumination, we recommend upgrading your Bullhorn CREE Solar Flagpole Light by adding a 15-Watt Solar PanelCompact and easy to install, this solar panel is designed to work with High End Commercial Solar LED Flagpole Light and Bullhorn CREE Solar Flagpole Light installations.   

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