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Entry Level Commercial Solar Flagpole Light

  • $72.00

Our Solar Powered flagpole light is the best option to create bright and continuous, attention getting lighting for your American flag and other flag displays.

  • L.E.D. Solar Powered lights feature 4 ultra-bright, 10mm light bulbs that provide hours of uninterrupted light
  • Solar Powered Lights come fitted with a high capacity 1.2V battery for longer, stronger and brighter beams of light
  • Our solar powered flagpole lights Illuminate flags from distances up to 25 feet
  • These Commercial solar flagpole lights require no wiring and are quick and easy to install
  • Our Solar flagpole lights fit poles with a diameter of 2- 6 inches

LED Solar Flagpole lights illuminate your flag displays with a strong and consistent beam of light for hours. These attention getting lights add significant value to residential flagpoles and will attract every eye throughout the night.  Commercial Solar lights feature a 5 volt 420mA solar panel and 4 super-bright, white LEDs.  This energy saving light includes 3 rechargeable 1.2V AA 200mAh batteries which may be recharged 600-800 times. Our Solar powered lights have a die-cast aluminum Y frame along with a stainless steel mount and straps which resist wear from outdoor elements.  The design of the light has a built in light guard to reflect lighting directly to the flag.  These lights also have an adjustable 4”-6” clamp which further allows you to perfectly cast light in the direction of the flag. Lights require no wiring and are easily assembled. Solar flagpole lights include the light body, a solar panel, a Y- frame, adjustable clamps and batteries. Solar powered flagpole lights allow you to continuously display your flag without having to attach and remove it daily from your flagpole.  Our Solar powered flagpole lights come with assembly instructions and a list of parts.

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