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4" Gold Flagpole Ball with LED Lights

  • $64.00

  • Easy installation
  • 360 degree illumination
  • 8 Ultra bright LED's
  • Intended for up to 4” butt diameter pole (up to 30' pole)
  • Available in Gold or Silver
  • Fits ½” thread
  • Anti-theft Solution for flagpole lighting
  • Hybrid Technology

Full Description

An eloquent design of a flagpole ball gives you 360 degree illumination of your flag(s), mounted at the top of your pole, it will create a downward cone of light. The ball light compliments your flag during the day, while illuminating the flag properly at night. This Eco-friendly light allows you to plug in the 45’ power cord with a 5V power supply. Or, the option of easily installing a solar panel to the flagpole or mount in the ground with a ground stake to power the ball light. Before installing the ball light, we recommend drilling a small hole 12-24”.  This allows you to feed the power cord through the top of the flagpole, and connect to an outside power source.


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