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LED flagpole light

  • $99.00

Our LED Solar Disc light offers the brightest illumination currently available for most flagpoles.  It comes with 32 Ultra Bright LED light bulbs. These wireless, bright Solar Lights offer eye-catching and continuous illumination that is sure to meet the needs for both residential and commercial display alike.

  • Self-charging solar panels (no wiring required)
  • Two rows of lights ensures illumination and visibility in multiple directions
  • First row of lights face downward to shine directly on flag
  • Designed for use with flagpole of up to 45' in height
  • Second row of lights are placed at 45° to light flag edges moving in the wind

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Why Buy A Halo Solar Disc Light?

LED Solar Disc Lights have two rows of LED light bulbs which guarantee continuous illumination and ensures your displays are seen and noticed. The inner row of bulbs shine straight down to illumination flag displays at all times, whereas the outer row will afford proper illumination when your flag is flying freely in the evening breezes. Designed for use with flagpoles up to 45’, this solar light is sure to meet the needs of residential and commercial displays alike. With self-charging solar panels and no wiring required, installation of halo residential solar disc lights will be next to effortless. Please Note: Full daylight charging for a minimum of 3 days, in the OFF position, will be required before the first use. Charging and Installation instructions will be included.

Our Halo Residential Solar Disc Lights are the only lighting source of its kind currently on the market.  These solar disc lights are perfect for illuminating your United States, State, City or Military flags, which are also available through Carrot-Top Industries.

For more information on this light or any Solar Flagpole Lights currently available through Carrot-Top Industries, please call a member of our Customer Service Team at (888) 359-6935 with any questions.


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