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Solar Moon Light

  • $586.99

Our Solar Moon Light is a versatile solar street lamp that can easily increase the outdoor lighting at your business, home, public parks and trails, or anywhere else in your community with the use of solar power! 

  • Outdoor use  
  • Motion activated  
  • Remote control operated 
  • 12W SMD type LED (500-800 lumens) 
  • 40W (13.5V) solar panel  
  • 9.6V 10Mah Lithium-ion battery  

Learn more about our Solar Moon Light by clicking on the full description tab. Looking for more great commercial solar products? See our full line of motion activated solar lights 

A Powerful, Commercial-Grade Solar Street Lamp 

Our Commercial-grade Solar Moon Light will increase the outdoor lighting at home, work, or in your community, and provide increased safety on your property.  

 The Solar Moon Light is equipped with an intelligent lighting processor and time-controlled all-in-one design, with the latest PIR motion and night sensor. This light features 12W SMD type LED (500-1800 lumens) lights, powered by 40W 13.5V solar panel, with 9.6V 10Mah Lithium-ion battery.  The solar light illuminates when it is dark and intensifies when movement is detected for up to 60 seconds. Once the motion that was detected has ceased, the light returns back to normal. The solar panel for this solar street lamp measures 16x 24” with the globe measuring 8” in diameter. For initial use, charge solar panel in direct sunlight for three days. 

Our Solar Moon light can be mounted up to 18 feet on a 2 ½” diameter pole. Mounting your Solar Moon Light 10 feet high will give an approximate illumination area of 40 feet. When mounting multiple lights, space each light about 24 to 30 feet apart. Mounting hardware for this street light is included. 

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